Running Walking Goal - Checking In

Really, you can achieve your New Years Goals  or so I keep telling myself.  I believe the best way to achieve goals is be accountable and keep the list in priorities. You know I had already forgotten some of the things on my list. This week's blog will be about how I am doing so far and help me stay accountable and give us both support because...

So let's see how I'm doing with Goal Number One

1) Run/Walk 1,000 miles this year

I am not doing badly on this goal - I joined the ilovetorun Gold Challenge and log my activities

So for the year I have completed 36.8 miles of 1000 mile goal. 

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It is hard to stay focused on my running with the colder weather. Friday I had my gym bag but just wanted to stay in my now cold office all bundled up and eat - yes, I just have the desire to eat - everything. It doesn't help that one of my huge addictions is eating out and I love just about everything.

I am going to have to somehow make leaving the office at lunch and going to the gym become as fun to me as walking in the parking lot for lunch which I love.  I really do enjoy being outside and not sure how I can bring this joy to the gym but my grandma always said I could do whatever I set my head.  I did find this article on Pinterest for a maintenance plan for runners, I was surprised to see that yoga is in on the list. I did Hot Yoga a few times and really liked it (I love warmer temps anyways) but money is the reason I stopped going and that reason is still an issue

I think a series and research on motivational things I can do to stay focused on my goal will be .....well.....motivational :) 

One motivation are the results..

I never thought I would get into these cords my grandma bought me - I actually have to wear a belt..

This was me in 2011

I have to be careful though it seems like once I start to see progress I resign myself it's done and slip back into my old habits. I do receive compliments at work on the changes they can see in my weight, which is definitely motivating but I also have to remember the scale does not define how fit or healthy. I can judge by the way my clothes are fitting but most importantly how I feel not only about what I see in the mirror but do I feel good

How do you stay motivated to exercise and eat healthy? We both just have to remember, Really! You can...


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