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Really you can do what you set your head BUT sometimes there are detractors and I sometimes struggle with those. For instance, my latest passion of becoming a runner - I have enjoyed the results for the past year but have hit a slump. There are three things lately that made me have to talk myself out of quitting, one of which is a little embarrassing so I will begin with that one.

Embarrassing Detractor #1 Runners Trots

After I started experiencing this issue, mind you a year into jogging, I researched why it was happening and learned that it is called "Runners Trots". I was getting really upset about having these issues where my bowels just to empty without little warning, well, okay it gave me warning but I thought I WAS in control. Turns out my body has decided to let me know under no certain terms IT is control and gives a whole new meaning to me of the saying, "Listen to your body". I was both horrified and relieved to see that there is a term for it and that …

Decorating - Summer Change Over

Really you can take any house and turn it into something nice - at least that is what I think about my 70's ranch - I am doing everything in my power on a limited budget and I always change over for the seasons...

I have changed my house over to summer and I was so excited to go to Zulily and find the quilt I was looking at last December that was over $100 marked down to $19.99 - I snagged it and another one

Below is my December quilt want and it looks really good with my yellow curtains - I can pair this with my white sheers and my tan sheers as well (depending on the season) I am so in love with the way it looks - now the only draw back I had to buy a King instead of the needed Cal King and I noticed the difference while I was sleeping - didn't have much to go around me when I'm in my customary on-the-edge position AND I was cold - but it will help Mr Man as he says I usually have too much covers on the bed and he is always being hot but I love it anyways. I also discov…