Stolen Joy/Peace

I always try to live my life in a way that I treat people well and I especially do not like drama. Lately, it seems the universe is against me - I seem to be surrounded by people that smile in my face and then talk about me or repeat things I have said to others. Of course, my bad for talking about others, so that is a take away for me. Another take away is to not be so free with information about myself, thoughts, or personal life.

I seem have to drama with co-workers, family, finances, and the list keeps growing. I could feel myself retreating inside and simmering, almost to an explosion. This explosion would most likely happen over something trivial which would confuse everyone around me.

I felt like I was being tested, but what for, to not act like a maniac? So I kept praying, of course, my case to God always presented myself as the blameless victim but then I read Isaiah 26:3 during my morning devotional "Those of steadfast mind you keep in peace - in peace because they tru…

But....Did I Die?

I have read several blogs where runners absolutely love running in the rain. I recently had an opportunity or should I say I really just got caught out in it and I found the experience.... well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words.....

Excuse the bathroom post -

So this particular Sunday - I had to do my 3 mile walk/3 mile jog in the afternoon - I overslept to make the Greenway and to church and my stomach was a little upset and with my experience lately with the runner trots - I was a little gun shy...I am really, really tired of the runner trots crap (no pun intended). So I'm out 2.5 miles and I hear a little thunder - no big deal - it's starting to get a little cooler with a big wind - I'm thinking this is great

Then the biggie...a little rain never hurt anyone
a freaking monsoon - with thunder and lightening (that part scared me the most)  and there wasn't anything I could do but suck it up and run through it. It was raining so h…


Really you can do what you set your head BUT sometimes there are detractors and I sometimes struggle with those. For instance, my latest passion of becoming a runner - I have enjoyed the results for the past year but have hit a slump. There are three things lately that made me have to talk myself out of quitting, one of which is a little embarrassing so I will begin with that one.

Embarrassing Detractor #1 Runners Trots

After I started experiencing this issue, mind you a year into jogging, I researched why it was happening and learned that it is called "Runners Trots". I was getting really upset about having these issues where my bowels just to empty without little warning, well, okay it gave me warning but I thought I WAS in control. Turns out my body has decided to let me know under no certain terms IT is control and gives a whole new meaning to me of the saying, "Listen to your body". I was both horrified and relieved to see that there is a term for it and that …

Decorating - Summer Change Over

Really you can take any house and turn it into something nice - at least that is what I think about my 70's ranch - I am doing everything in my power on a limited budget and I always change over for the seasons...

I have changed my house over to summer and I was so excited to go to Zulily and find the quilt I was looking at last December that was over $100 marked down to $19.99 - I snagged it and another one

Below is my December quilt want and it looks really good with my yellow curtains - I can pair this with my white sheers and my tan sheers as well (depending on the season) I am so in love with the way it looks - now the only draw back I had to buy a King instead of the needed Cal King and I noticed the difference while I was sleeping - didn't have much to go around me when I'm in my customary on-the-edge position AND I was cold - but it will help Mr Man as he says I usually have too much covers on the bed and he is always being hot but I love it anyways. I also discov…

Running Withdrawals

Welp, I guess I have finally done it - I have hurt my hip/outer thigh and I am now going on day four without running. I keep trying to figure out what I did wrong -

I did feel a "pull" when I decided to do sprints -which by the way I was extremely proud of myself for being able to run at full speed for a long , okay it was really a short distance but it FELT like a long one in my victorious heart :) Just my luck though, trying to be a "cool runner" when I am thinking I should have just kept my nice easy jog and been happy with that accomplishment SIGH

Now to be honest, I have had issues with my hips in the past - especially if I sit too long but jogging and walking helped it - maybe that is why I hurt myself  - I had cut back on the walking and focused more on running - that is an interesting thought. I finally found a website that said I could walk and do low impact if it's a Hip Flexor injury - I really do not want to go to the doctor and I hope I have not m…

Consumed - House Renovations/Decorating

Wow, it's been awhile since we last spoke  - man time flies!

When I'm not thinking of running clothes - I'm looking around my house fantasizing about what I want to do the house

I really hate how dark my kitchen is and the wood paneling. I also wish I had a separate dining area. I have also toyed with the idea of removing the wall between the living and the kitchen (I am pretty sure it's load bearing) and how spacious it would look if I took out the ceiling and used the attic space for the ceiling, creating vaulted ceilings. Then I think about the new windows that the house needs and changing the builder grade doors to some better quality. I also wish there were a second bathroom in the house, it is amazing how two people in one house seem to need to occupy the same room at the exact same time.

My dream kitchen consists of lots of windows like this:

but the style above is not really mine - I'm kinda  a modern farmhouse

I think I could easily do the below but I hav…

Consumed - Running

It seems that my thoughts lately are consumed by four topics: running, decorating/renovating, my weight, and money. Interesting that clothes used to my in thoughts and they are not completely gone but I am more interested in running clothes, so I put that in the running category. We will talk about my running in this post and the other categories in the next posts.

I am almost obsessed with running clothes - as  a matter of fact I think I might change my style and wear them exclusively on the weekends :)

I really love the running capris - my favorites are these - I really like the compression. I have also discovered that I really appreciate the moisture-wicking. I am also drawn to tshirts and tanks that have sayings referencing running - I guess I want the world to know that I am a runner. HA!

I have also discovered sports bras - so far I have two -this one from Old Navy and this one from JCP - I really love the Xersion brand of clothing - I went running yesterday and I had overdress…