Gateway To...

This could not be any truer since I have become a runner, I feel so much better.  I have to be honest that most of the time I do not enjoy the run, during the run, it's the after the run that I love. I feel a sense of accomplishment, de-stressed, and just, well..., just better. My brother made a comment to me not long ago that my skin and hair looked so much better and wondered if it was the running.

Great possibility, I am getting more fresh air but I was an avid walker and graduated to a jogger/runner to help boost my weight loss. Running was the gateway to more physical activity. I read blogs on running and do a lot of research on it. It is way more complicated than one would initially think - which also appeals to my "learning" nature.

I found the below on this blog and it really is true - except realize is misspelled :)

I learned that to become a better runner - I needed to do more than just run -  strength training is highly encouraged in the running world. Streng…

Cute Workout Clothes

Really,  can you can look cute and sweat at the same time AND believe it or not, feeling cute is motivational. When I first embarked on my lose weight/feel healthy quest - I would go out in some comfy shorts and loose cotton t-shirts (a no-no for running). Mr. Man made the prediction that I would soon be investing in running clothes. I started researching what runners should wear with such articles as this... And then the below began to resemble me...

Phase 1:
I started noticing how the other runners dressed - I really liked the cute, colorful leggings but felt I was too heavy to sport them out in public. I found with shorts that I do not like them postage stamp size and I hate when they bunch up between my thighs.

First - the shoes - Brooks Glycerin is my go to

Second - running socks - my favorite are Thorlos experia

I found running shorts at Old Navy, I think they are more like bicycle shorts,  but I love the compression and the side panel/pockets are fab. The length is per…

Rang the bell...

Really, you can finish one goal and mess up another at the same time... So, my daughter and I went to find me a dress - one of my goals towards my upcoming wedding. I went to David's Bridal and was taken care of like I was a queen. When you find the one, their tradition is to ring the bell and I rang the bell and actually cried.

Now, I went with the intention of getting a $99 wedding dress. I went way over my budget but it was soooo pretty AND IT HAS BUTTERFLIES... how could I resist? Isn't that back the coolest EVER?

So it was a little over budget - well, a LOT over budget but I justified it by being able to put it on layaway. I was joking with one my bridesmaid that now we aren't eating - we are just going to have cake since I ate quite a bit into my budget.  I was reassured that my back looked okay in it...

This pale pink with hints of purple and mint butterflies and some pearls - so whimsical, and so me.
My daughter is the maid of honor and this dress went perfectly w…

February Report Card

Wow, it seems you really can lose a month! I cannot believe it has been a whole month since I posted and where did the month go? Soooo, I guess....

I have been so busy at work and then come home and work some more. I did manage to get my house changed over to spring. I decided to not hang any curtains back up because the cats are destroying them...but that is another blog.

 I guess it would be fitting to start the new month like I needed January  - with the February report card

My fitness goals are below and I am proud to say that I am keeping up:

Barre at least once a week:
Cycle classes at least once a week - only missed one class  because of a conference call scheduled at the same time as the class
Weight training   - once a week (Sunday is the class and lately the weather has been Greenway worthy so haven't been getting this in - I did find a Tuesday night class but haven't been able to make it due to staying too late at work and my commute has gotten horrendous and find m…

January Focus Report Card

Okay, so I have been really focused on my goals for 2018 - because, Really, you can achieve whatever you set your mind, right?

My fitness goals are below and I am proud to say that I am keeping up:

Barre at least once a week:Cycle classes at least once a week - Weight training   - once weekRunning/Walking - at least 3 times a weekThe scale says I've lost four pounds - the first pic was the beginning of Jan and the second yesterday  - I can't see a huge difference but I can tell you I feel a difference in how I feel - and that is probably the best benefit

As a matter of fact, I have been so focused that my stay-cation has not been hobbit-like as usual. I have been leaving the house and going to the YMCA taking classes - mainly because on Monday, Mr. Man wanted me to go to the store and pick up some lunch meat so since I had to be out - I took a weight training class and jogged on the treadmill. Tuesday, I managed to not leave the house and did an hour on my elliptical and 40 minut…

Treadmill Running for Slow Pokes

Really, you can enjoy treadmill running when you cannot get outside. I have read many blogs and Pinterest articles on running on a treadmill.

I must admit that I did not think I was physically fit to do any of them, even "beginner".

I am a slow runner outside, I usually average 13-minute miles and usually walk up steep hills, after I hurt myself charging up a hill thinking my body would do whatever I wanted.  You know, mind over matter...well sometimes, the body rebels resulting in an injury. I learned that hills were the culprit when traveling on business and found a treadmill with those cool maps to run anywhere. I chose Italy and right away my shin starting hurting and I was struggling, looked down and I was on an incline and oh, it hurt so badly. This pain has made me shy away from running hills and I have never run an incline on the treadmill, I was happy to run at 5.2 flat (feeling accomplished even).

The injury caused me to have to stop running for a bit and now that…


Really, you can just stay at home and be productive...

At least, that is what I usually do for my birthday week off from work. I normally pick a project that ranges from painting and decorating with last year, I decluttered the laundry room, office, and closets. I have done pretty good about keeping everything in order. I have been looking around and there are few rooms that I see need fresh paint. I normally like to peruse the "Oops Paints" at Lowes

The current rooms of interest - foyer/hallway, living room, office, my bedroom. The problem is Mr. Man only likes, yellow, grays, tans, and oranges, my current colors. My living room is currently a  Valspar color called Allspice picture below - I like it but it's been this way for about 8 years, at least.

I think I want to do something lighter - I am really in love with Wasabi - it screams fresh and clean to me - but that is definitely a no-go for Mr. Man

I kicked off the weekend with a quick 3-mile run when I got off work.…