2017 Goals

Happy New Year! This is my first post on my new blog to better suit my ever changing interests. I have decided to set up some goals and remain accountable. I am excited about this blog and where it will lead almost like I have renewed purpose :)

Personal Goals

1) Run/Walk 1,000 miles this year  Running is my new addiction and I say running loosely, I'm more a jogger, but hey who would have thought I would become a runner at almost 46 years of age.  Mind over matter :) I really prefer to be outside but I am a true southern girl and my bones cannot take the cold. So if the temp is below 50 I will either do my elliptical at home or the treadmill at the gym. I am starting to acquire some cute running clothes now that I am starting to see results. Along with the running I am hoping to lose 30 more pounds this year.

2)  Be more productive with my time
  • Read more books - less Facebook. I have discovered that Facebook is my addiction and I spend way too much time on this instead of doing productive things. I am going to read the bible this year from beginning to end - I received a personal planner for Christmas that facilitates this. I think I am also going to finish Left Behind and I really want to read Game of Thrones. I caught the HBO first season marathon and really liked it - it is a little racy though.
  • Maintain this blog 
  • Cook a recipe from cookbook every payday

3) Build relationships
  • Continue to get closer to God
    1. Avoid Gossip - respond with positive/ uplifting words
    2. Volunteer at Fishes and Loaves  I am kinda lazy in my spiritual giving as I don't know what I'm good at. I know you should listen to the calling and sometimes God asks you to do things you are not good at it; however, I seem to be tone deaf to God's calling as I don't feel moved to do anything. I have decided though that perhaps my spiritual gift is hospitality and we had a speaker at church on this organization and I think I might be good at cooking and serving meals. 
  • Jaxen is my precious grandson - you will be hearing A LOT about him :) I am not exactly as good as my grandmother because I don't want to keep him every weekend (that is my running time) but I want to get him at least once a month and try to plan fun/memory making things with him. So I will be on the hunt looking for fun activities for us to do together.
Financial Goals

  • Save at least $1000 for the year after the next goals
  • Replace air/heating unit - praying the emergency heat holds up until income tax time
  • Mr. Man's truck needs new motor
  • New windows for house
What are your goals for 2017? What did you enjoy the most about 2016?

My favorite pictures of 2016
First time picking Jaxen up from daycare - sad reason his father passed away
Christmas - he was so excited our first Christmas at my Aunt Cathy's beautiful home

Mr. Man, me, my daughter Shelley, and Jaxen

precious, no?

my beautiful daughter

Jaxen with his father at Jaxen's 3rd b-day in April - his father passed in June very heartbreaking

Visiting my father on Father's Day

My favorite thing to do - sit by my friend Susie fire and drink after a day of swimming

My friend Susie and me after a day of swimming

Cool Jaxen

Getting caught by my boss taking a selfie while on a conference call too funny

Mr. Man aka Cake pushing Jaxen

On my daughter's porch showing off the pumpkin they carved together

the Greenway - one of my favorite places on Earth - after a jog/walk  I jog 3 miles and walk 3 miles
Love Mr. Man's chicken soup

30 pounds down and sporting my first ever running outfit - I feel like a runner now and pleased that I do not look anything like the bad image I had in my head

Christmas afternoon run/jog on the Greenway it was unseasonably- warm - was in shorts and a t-shirt


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