Mid-week Savors or Attitude Savers

Really, you CAN and SHOULD  stop and enjoy the small things in life! I like to think of the positive things to savor which also serves as an attitude saver :)

So day two of Stacey-cation was productive and peaceful. I am still working on the office - it has taken MUCH longer than I had planned - in my younger days it would have been knocked out in a day but I also haven't spent the whole day working on it. I have done other things like cook, read the bible, ashamed to admit - lots of Facebook, Pinterest, and Greenway time.

I have also savored a few moments and wanted to share with you some things that brought me joy so far the Stacey-cation week:

Jaxen went to see his favorite, Paw Patrol, with his mom, aunt Becky and baby David, and Aunt Susie - his smile brings complete joy to my heart. He was so happy and his mom said he did really good. Isn't he precious? Grandkids are THE ultimate joyful experience.

The weather was great and got an amazing jog/walk in - and almost had it to myself and they reopened my favorite "harder" part I jogged 3.5 miles and walked 3.5 -  today is also supposed to be Greenway worthy :)

De-cluttering the office I found this CD that had not been opened - I played it while I worked on the office and it was so soothing - I also found a CD called Mornings with Mozart but it got on my nerves. I don't understand why - I love the piano but I could not take it... Do you like classical music? What is your favorite music to putter around the house? I also like complete silence :)

I have started each day with a cup of tea and yesterday morning I got caught up on my Bible reading. I love this mug as it was b-day gift a few years ago from bestie Kristine. I am drinking Tazo Earl Gray with Vanilla creamer - love this - at night I like to drink Twinnings Butter Mint with Vanilla creamer - I also love Tazo Chai Tea Latte. We have local coffee called Lasasters and like their Chai Tea Latte better than Star Bucks, which is saying a lot cuz me likey Star Bucks too :)

I would also turn on the fireplace which made my mornings all the more cozy

Sunshine coming in the windows also gives me a ton of joy and soothes my soul  - yesterday the sun was shining beautiful and went from room to room to bask

The foyer sunshine -

The dining area - I really like the white curtains - one day I would like to put some white or light ship lap look or the wood look - I really dislike the paneling this area seems so dark to me

The kitty is even enjoying looking out the window and the sunshine - she is planning the demise of my birds...

Jaxen's room/my work out room - the sun is shining brightly - I like looking out this window when I am on the elliptical - I can see my neighbors yard but the best part is a good view of the woods and occasionally I can catch glimpses of the deer but definitely see cats lurking around :)

I love these yellow sheer curtains in my bedroom - the sun coming through is heavenly - Mr. Man started his new job this week so when he gets up - I open the blinds as I love to wake up with sunshine or even cloudy mornings are nice. I also love this orange comforter - the weather has been unseasonably warm and when I changed the house over for winter - it was too warm but a cat accident allowed me to change when the weather had a cold snap - sound a little regimental, no?

Having the sun shining in the windows while I cleaned/organized the office (plus the Piano Favorites) made the job even more enjoyable. I opened those sheers wide to get every drop of the sun.

What have you savored or been an attitude saver for you?


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