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Selfish Runner

As you know, last year at the young age of 45, I decided to be a runner. The motivation was to jump start some weight loss. I have dropped 20 lbs and my body has been in a transformation - my backside has really seen a reduction, even when I was naturally a size 3 - I had an ample backside. I am still not very fast and on my long work out I walk 3.5 miles and jog 3.5 miles. I really do enjoy walking and I read other running blogs and my miles and speed are of no comparison. As an empty nester this is prob the first real thing that is all about me and I really don't feel guilty about. Should I?

I read on Running On Happy how she went from a solo runner to really enjoying team running.  I am not sure I am ready for  that - the team runners on the Greenway like to run all beside each other which takes up nearly the entire lane and they are usually talking. The last thing I want to do right now is talk while I run, I guess running is my selfish time and I do not want to share with an…


The weather in TN has been matching my moodiness, last weekend it snowed early in the morning and it was gone by afternoon - this weekend was filled with sunshine and 60 degrees - perfect running weather for me. I have entered further in the "buying cute running clothes". Why I even bought a sport bra - which I tried out on the treadmill. It was strange feeling to have one on - it almost felt like I was tied up. Now, I am thinking that is probably a good thing for a larger breasted woman but I am a small busted woman, as a matter of fact, I have also learned that I must have the sports bra with padding. Not only, to give me the appearance of having any boobs but I have headlights without the padding and I am way too self conscious for that happen.

So far my favorite places to buy my running clothes is JCP and I have discovered Old Navy, the sports bra I bought there is this one and I then bought this one at JCP, I haven't tried it out yet. The funniest thing hit me thou…

Decorating for Mood Enhancement

I had been really tired and in a funk and while I started taking my vitamins and have been evaluating my exercise regime - another thing that I do to stave off depression is change my house over - I do this with each season. Last weekend, I changed my house over to spring. This change over entails changing curtains, shower curtain, comforters, and dishes.Now I use the same stuff that I rotate out but it still feels fresh and give me a sense of peace and calm. I also do some deep cleaning during the change over, I have also noticed that it takes me longer than it used to, as I am getting older. The change really does improve my mood - it is my way of battling depression without medication. Running/walking really helps this too - if I am able to get outside. I don't mind running on the treadmill occasionally - it is actually both rewarding and frustrating - rewarding that I can keep up the same pace for 30 minutes straight ( I have to only to 30 minutes as I do this on my lunch bre…

Mind Game

Really, you can do whatever you set you mind just like my grandmother said. Let me tell you a lot of times you must trick your mind in order to get things done because sometimes it can be your worst enemy. I discovered this on my journey to become a jogger.

July will make a year that I decided to become a runner jogger and I recently analyzed this on a  jog/walk on the Greenway. The Greenway is my favorite place to be, it's paved, wooded, and the river is beneath. The Greenway was an old railroad so it is a perfect mix of some mean hills and flat lands and it is so beautiful. There are two sides, the easy side is 4 miles total - 2 miles in and then 2 miles back, I'm not as fond of this side because there are parts where are in folks backyards.  Another reason the "easy side" is not favorite is that the easy side is where the families like to enjoy. I am not against families but they seem to be oblivious to others on the trail - walking 5 deep or just standing in the…

But I exercise....

Really, you can be a runner but I think I have forgotten that rest is part of the equation because I am functioning dead on my feet and if I am completely honest, I'm really moody and easily irritated, but I exercise..??

I could not figure out why I am so tired - I thought exercising was supposed to give you energy. I have found that by the end of the week I am exhausted. My normal work day routine - Rise - 5:00 to 5:10 am, shower, let dog out, get ready for work, clean litter box, put up packed lunch in computer bag, start car if under 55 degrees, read my morning devotional, let dog in, dump litter box and put some cat food out so I won't run over any when trying to leave. I leave the house around 6 am to 6:07  - drive for an hour to work.

Then my work day begins - if weather permits I walk the parking lot during my lunch time - I get 3 miles in or if the weather is not good I go to the gym and run 30 minutes on the tread mill. I leave work anywhere from 4 - 5 pm, drive an h…