The weather in TN has been matching my moodiness, last weekend it snowed early in the morning and it was gone by afternoon - this weekend was filled with sunshine and 60 degrees - perfect running weather for me. I have entered further in the "buying cute running clothes". Why I even bought a sport bra - which I tried out on the treadmill. It was strange feeling to have one on - it almost felt like I was tied up. Now, I am thinking that is probably a good thing for a larger breasted woman but I am a small busted woman, as a matter of fact, I have also learned that I must have the sports bra with padding. Not only, to give me the appearance of having any boobs but I have headlights without the padding and I am way too self conscious for that happen.

So far my favorite places to buy my running clothes is JCP and I have discovered Old Navy, the sports bra I bought there is this one and I then bought this one at JCP, I haven't tried it out yet. The funniest thing hit me though - Mr Man was with me, in fact he is encouraging me and coaxing me into buying running clothes, I made the comment I need padding or I would look like a boy and he pointed to the advertisement pictures that showed smaller chested runners and he pointed to really big cup sports bra and said that he thought that the bigger size would be there much longer as you rarely see a big chested runner. hummm, that is an interesting theory that I must investigate.

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First, I remembered I HAVE been I had been told in my youth that I had an athletic body but I have never had an athletic bone in my body - do you believe we are built with our own gifts?

Is it possible that as women we spend our time fighting what we have, chasing what we think we should be or whatever we have conjured up in our minds that is worthy in our heads? What is your idea of beautiful? Me, I always thought blonde, blue eyed, big breasted, thin, well-dressed, classy. HA! I think I just described Barbie

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Okay, that is a bit extreme but....not far....One thing to notice that my description or idea of beautiful is the complete opposite of my God given features. I have dark hair naturally, dark eyes, small chest, wide hips, and ample back side. Yet, even though I don't fit my own description of beautiful, I think I'm cute enough :)

Maybe if I had not been boy crazy, smoke cigarettes and dedicated, I could have been athletic, I did actually plan to run track but then I found all those fun things that were forbidden....<hanging head in shame> I also enjoyed bike riding and swimming, I once thought I wanted to play softball - but I'm afraid of the ball and I am pretty sure that quality is not desirable on the ball field. I definitely wouldn't mind looking like the runner up above :)

I am thinking, that each of us as women are beautiful in our own rights, we have to embrace our own gifts to enhance our assets. Really, you can change your direction and goals and standards, I am going to try to embrace and create an athletic  healthy body - you know what really make us beautiful - self love and confidence!

Really, this IS achievable - we can build each other up. What are your thoughts?


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