Running - I have learned...

Really, I can be a jogger/runner and I got to jog/walk on the Greenway yesterday and I can sure tell a difference in my performance now that I can't run as much outside. I was extremely grateful that the rain held off and I got to enjoy the 63 degree weather in Jan in TN; however, winter will be here tomorrow with a brisk 38 degrees for the high <shudder>   I believe my phone gave me an extra mile jiggling in my pocket I  really only jog/walk 6.43 miles :)

As  new runner, there are things that I am learning that no one has ever talked about - well, I don't really have any runners in my small group of friends but still.....

You would think one would have heard whispers....but thankfully Pinterest has lots and lots of information. So far these are things I have learned - Warning the following may be TMI :)

1) Running makes my kidneys fill quickly and if my stomach is not empty my bowels will move (whether I give it permission or not). I have read differences of opinions on whether or not to run on an empty stomach, some say to fuel your run and others do not recommend. I think that if I was running farther or longer I probably would need to eat something and I have learned that if I "junk it" the night before I run, I'm a little sluggish.  I perform much better on an empty stomach.

I also read that you should refuel your body within 30 minute of running. I found a writer that said he always ran on an empty stomach (bonus like me) and after a run he eats half a banana and drinks chocolate milk. Well.... I happen to love chocolate milk. I must admit that I'm not really hungry after a run but should I engage in food I love it, I am a huge foodie; however,  I need to curb because as hard as I have worked since July 2016 I should have already reached my ideal weight of 125 - 130 pounds. I started at 183 pounds and am currently teetering between 160 - 162 (162 being my weight this morning on a 5'4" frame).

2) Those high dollar socks - priceless - I have a pair of these and I swear by them -   Experia powered by Thorlo pads 10 - You know I really balked when Mr Man wanted to buy them for me - I'm like I can go to the Dollar Store and buy a whole pack for what one pair of those cost. Well, they are the best ever - keep my feet dry and provide me with cushion (I am heavy footed even when I walk) LOVE LOVE

3) High dollar running shoes are also a must - I have always been a Nike snob but I tried a pair of Brooks on and those  shoes felt like I was running on marshmallows. I have been sporting these

I already need a new pair but I was pleased that tread pattern shows that I have neutral pronation.  (I am also learning new words but that is for another post)

Here is what I would like to get next

4)  I have also learned that I am only competing with myself - not the other runners. This was a hard one for me to learn, but once I stopped comparing myself and just got in my head and my own run I found that it was true. The other runners are not looking at me, other than to wave or sometimes offer an encouraging "great job". I am positive that I look like a new runner, with all my huffing and puffing  and God only knows what my legs look like - I don't know if my feet are barely moving but I feel like I'm running my heart out

Don't get me wrong, non-competition does not mean I do not want to look like a runner and I have found that cute running clothes make me feel like a runner. So far I have two running capris and one whole outfit with the running leggings and matching jacket. I love the compression on my calves and I was pleasantly surprised about the way I look in them. My favorite so far is JcPenny Xersion and I do have a pair of Old Navy that my boss got me for Christmas. The old Navy kind of give me a boxey look but they are extremely soft. I prefer mid rise as well and my only complaint with the running gear is the lack of pockets. I like to run with my cellphone to keep my time/pace but I guess eventually I will join the rest of the world and get a smart watch - Mr Man wanted to buy the below for Christmas but he had just lost his job and I declined but hopefully he will find work soon and the below  Samsung Gear Fit2 will be mine :)

5) The most important thing is that, Really, I CAN be a runner/jogger which still blows my mind. T

The perfect memes

What about you? Are you a runner or started something you never thought possible?


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