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Consumed - House Renovations/Decorating

Wow, it's been awhile since we last spoke  - man time flies!

When I'm not thinking of running clothes - I'm looking around my house fantasizing about what I want to do the house

I really hate how dark my kitchen is and the wood paneling. I also wish I had a separate dining area. I have also toyed with the idea of removing the wall between the living and the kitchen (I am pretty sure it's load bearing) and how spacious it would look if I took out the ceiling and used the attic space for the ceiling, creating vaulted ceilings. Then I think about the new windows that the house needs and changing the builder grade doors to some better quality. I also wish there were a second bathroom in the house, it is amazing how two people in one house seem to need to occupy the same room at the exact same time.

My dream kitchen consists of lots of windows like this:

but the style above is not really mine - I'm kinda  a modern farmhouse

I think I could easily do the below but I hav…