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Running Withdrawals

Welp, I guess I have finally done it - I have hurt my hip/outer thigh and I am now going on day four without running. I keep trying to figure out what I did wrong -

I did feel a "pull" when I decided to do sprints -which by the way I was extremely proud of myself for being able to run at full speed for a long , okay it was really a short distance but it FELT like a long one in my victorious heart :) Just my luck though, trying to be a "cool runner" when I am thinking I should have just kept my nice easy jog and been happy with that accomplishment SIGH

Now to be honest, I have had issues with my hips in the past - especially if I sit too long but jogging and walking helped it - maybe that is why I hurt myself  - I had cut back on the walking and focused more on running - that is an interesting thought. I finally found a website that said I could walk and do low impact if it's a Hip Flexor injury - I really do not want to go to the doctor and I hope I have not m…