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Pick Me Ups - Kitchen Dreams

Okay, I know I have gone on and on about my financial fails BUT sometimes, it doesn't hurt to spend a little money especially if they are adding on to your investment of your home, right? I do  still have 25% of my income tax money left that I have been holding on to for dear life. For Valentines, my birthday and Christmas, Mr Man bought me a new kitchen faucet and I bought some new hardware for my - I got my bar pulls and cup pulls and I think they added much needed life back into my kitchen.

Here is the faucet I got at Home Depot - I love the industrial look and it has a magnet that holds it in place - that magnet has been so fun to play with and it definitely appeals to my novelty side - I had to get one with the soap dispense and since I am a lefty, any hand washing is done on the left side but I just pump into my hand and then into the left sink. I really appreciate the dispense when I have to wash my hands, very convenient.  I also like how the knob looks like a wrench - I …