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The new year and winter time always make me want to nest and do projects to improve my home. So this week I am taking my customary week off from work for the 7 days of my birthday and this is when I usually like to do my "projects". I was especially inspired by Funky Junk. My laundry is really big and it serves as a laundry room, a closet, the kitty bath/kitchen, and strorage, and ..., and ..., and... well, you get the picture. The fact that I spend a lot of time in there means that I prefer it to be soothing but instead it seems that stuff just keeps showing up in there resulting in clutter, which has been getting on my nerves.

I think that kit on her blog would be perfect but I have to make what I have work without spending any extra money. If I had my  way I would have this:

But this not what I am working with, so I went through the clothes and believe or not - managed to get rid of two garbage bags full of too big  pants and capris. I then grouped the  remaining pants, capris, and skirts by color.

In the before pictures, the comforters on top looked like I just balled them up - I probably did to keep them from falling :)

You can't hardly see the floor there is so much junk and that cage Mr. Man insists on keeping in here since his garage is a hot mess it takes up way too much space

The clothes are all jumbled together and just a hot mess - I got irratated just trying to lay my clothes out and I found some clothes I did not realize I had. I must admit I hated getting rid of some of my pants that I loved but I felt no need to keep them if they were too big. I found some of the pants fit in the waist but bloused out at my stomach - very bye

There was so much stuff crammed in there that the litter box and food were almost in the middle of the room. I am the kind of person that I like the floors to be open. So I did some rearranging of all that stuff.

Here is the finished product - keeping in mind the same crap is still in there as I do not dare to get rid of Mr. Man's stuff - I think he is hoarder :)

Everything is grouped together by color and the comforters look neat. Still struggling with folding them to make them look really good but this will work :) I might look into storage bags or bins for them on the top shelf.

The other stuff is against the wall making more floor space, which makes me really happy.

Here is the other side of the room with the washer and dryer and to the left I have some shelving - I did not get a picture of how messy it was before but I moved some stuff from under the clothes rack to this little nook between my shoe rack and the dryer - these contain Mr. Man's shoes

I want to get some more baskets to put those linens on the top shelf in and the second shelf I am proud that I found some pretty boxes and there I have my boots. The basket beside the boot boxes, I folded all my scarves that were just stuffed in them. The bottom shelf contains old towels for drying Gizmo's feet off during rain or "shop towels"  I found the long basket and put the "shop rags" in there and the smaller basket inside contains my belts. I will be checking out the Dollar Tree to see if they have any neat storage ideas.

I use the hanging bar to hang my clothes for the next day and when I do laundry I hang all my blouses on it to dry as I don't like to dry most of my clothes.

The below is standing in the doorway - I really do love this cabinet - this was built by Aunt's father in law back in the 70's when they built her house. She redid her house and I asked if I could have this - this came out of her kitchen with the original counter top.

Standing in the door way - you can see the floor

Another view from the door way - still not completely happy about the coolers but it made more room for that huge cage.

I think I would also like to get some big containers to store the dog and cat food  - I found some like these:

This is a neat idea

But the below is what I had in mind but I think the trash can idea is pretty neat and most likely cheaper but I cannot stand the smell of the food so I am thinking the trash can might not be sealed enough to keep the smell in...

Any winter nesting you are working on or just organizing? How do you store things in your laundry?  Do you have a catch all room?


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