Decorating for Mood Enhancement

I had been really tired and in a funk and while I started taking my vitamins and have been evaluating my exercise regime - another thing that I do to stave off depression is change my house over - I do this with each season. Last weekend, I changed my house over to spring. This change over entails changing curtains, shower curtain, comforters, and dishes.Now I use the same stuff that I rotate out but it still feels fresh and give me a sense of peace and calm. I also do some deep cleaning during the change over, I have also noticed that it takes me longer than it used to, as I am getting older. The change really does improve my mood - it is my way of battling depression without medication. Running/walking really helps this too - if I am able to get outside. I don't mind running on the treadmill occasionally - it is actually both rewarding and frustrating - rewarding that I can keep up the same pace for 30 minutes straight ( I have to only to 30 minutes as I do this on my lunch break) frustrating that I can only do 12 minutes miles and no incline - but I must remember I am sweating and getting my heart rate up and I feel soooo good afterward - numbers....pish posh.

Back to my Spring Change Over

I decided to put these orange one in the "dining room" I really think I pref white

I have noticed that a lot of design choices I have seen on HGTV are the bamboo looking Roman shades these were all on Property Brothers - I even like the white Roman Shades - I like how HGTV lets you shop the look and it appears they buy a lot at Wayfair - one Roman Shade

I am so in love with these I found on Etsy - a little pricey for my budget but envisioning them with a Big S in that spot - sigh

and these have me drooling - still a little pricey for my budget I do so love them.

I also love sheer curtains and if you couldn't tell - I love yellow and orange and these yellow sheers make me happy in the living room

Aren't these Forsythia so pretty?


They look little strange with snow coming on them - we had a weird Saturday last weekend and got snow in the morning that was gone by afternoon - seems winter is not finished with us yet in Tn

Pretty and strange,uh? Done with winter....back to my Spring Change Over,

I also love this valance for Spring/Summer in my laundry room

My bedroom gets the best light in the morning and I love hanging white sheers - I love these that found at JcPenney many moons ago with vines. I hang these in my living room in the summer time - I have been thinking about repainting but I really do like this dark gray - it's actually Valspar Safari Beige I have to have neutral since I like to change my house over each season

My bathroom is a joyful place for me - even though it's small and a little outdated (it has the original yellow tub and sink and the speckled 70's tile on the walls and counter top) but I love those floors that my son put in for me and the yellow color - it starts each day with sunshine for me

That bathroom rug is a new purchase from Walmart and it feels like heaven on my feet - it is a tad too long, but did I mention it feels like heaven on my feet? Isn't the shower curtain fun? I found this years ago at a yard sale and didn't like it when I got home, so I shoved it in a closet. While I was cleaning out the closets I found it and thought, hummmm I really like it, not sure why I didn't before but I didn't have those fabulous floors before... shrug, me likey now :)

In the spare Jaxen's room - I hung up the blue sheer - it looks so refreshing coming down the hall

I am a firm believer that really, you can change your mindset and your mood with your surroundings, including people. What do you do fight the blues?


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