But I exercise....

Really, you can be a runner but I think I have forgotten that rest is part of the equation because I am functioning dead on my feet and if I am completely honest, I'm really moody and easily irritated, but I exercise..??

I could not figure out why I am so tired - I thought exercising was supposed to give you energy. I have found that by the end of the week I am exhausted. My normal work day routine - Rise - 5:00 to 5:10 am, shower, let dog out, get ready for work, clean litter box, put up packed lunch in computer bag, start car if under 55 degrees, read my morning devotional, let dog in, dump litter box and put some cat food out so I won't run over any when trying to leave. I leave the house around 6 am to 6:07  - drive for an hour to work.

Then my work day begins - if weather permits I walk the parking lot during my lunch time - I get 3 miles in or if the weather is not good I go to the gym and run 30 minutes on the tread mill. I leave work anywhere from 4 - 5 pm, drive an hour home (except on Wed I usually have to go to the grocery)

Get home and let the dog out, lay clothes out for work the next day and pack gym bag, and put away any laundry that was done the night before that was hung to dry. I then get on the elliptical for 30 minutes if I was able to work out at lunch or an hour if I was not able to work out at lunch, except on Wednesday - that is laundry night.  Clean litter box, bathe, quick bite of supper (sometimes I skip this when Mr. Man is gone) make lunch for the next work day, clean kitchen, sweep kitchen, foyer, and bathroom floors.

Read my bible verses for the day (Doing the Read the Bible in a year which  gives you three chapters in a book a night) log onto work and assign projects to my team and read email and hope for time to surf the web or do my blog. Go to bed around 10 pm to start the whole process again. I must confess Facebook is still a time sucker for me...GRRR

I am finding that Thursday and Friday, I don't want to come home and do the elliptical - I have been super tired and moody during the day, doesn't take much to piss me off. I take vitamins and think that I eat pretty healthy - I have been binge eating a few days and perhaps that is why I am so tired.

I decided to some research and found this article, it mentions iron deficiency. I do have to take iron as my doctor was worried about my low iron levels - I did cut back a little on my vitamins but have  started take the double dose. I wonder if that is why I'm tired.

Maybe I am too regimented and not getting enough rest. Maybe I'm just getting lazy..But I exercise, isn't that supposed to make be feel better both physically and mentally???

I also found this article  and wonder if I might be overtraining. I have been working out at two hours a day Sunday, Monday & Tuesday ( Monday and Tuesday I split the hours up one for lunch and one before I go to bed)  - one hour on Wednesday and I was doing two hours (split) also on Thursday and Friday, I have been so tired that I have only been doing one hour on those days.

The Effects Of Overtraining – Positive Health Wellness Infographic:

On a positive note - I found a new blog to read while I was researching - Crazy Runner Girl - she is much younger than me but we have a lot of similar interests :)  She points out that some of the same symptoms for over-training and iron deficiency - I did just remember that I have been out of my multi vitamin and just started taking it again today - so I will start paying attention to how I feel

 Then to top it off - like I mentioned, I have been binge eating which really upsets me as I am trying so hard to lose this weight.

Beat the binge, eating because you're bored vs eating because you're hungry. I'm good at distracting myself.:

AHHH - Moderation is the key - that is really the key to EVERYTHING - including exercise BUT I really don't think I'm doing too much, am I? I mean walking is good for you and I jog - I'm definitely not a burning any rubber.

Maybe I also need to change my mindset about food and losing weight:

Diet vs. intuitive eating:

So...Really, I can be runner and maybe I'm not overtraining - maybe I just need the iron and really, I CAN stop this binge eating and stay in focus of my goals of becoming thinner but more importantly healthier. I just need to put things in perspective and get my mind right again and if the iron doesn't improve then I will take a break from training to see if I just needed the rest. I do know that I completely rest on Saturday except for the house work and my Sunday walk/jog is always amazing :)

How do you stay on track?


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