Really you can do what you set your head BUT sometimes there are detractors and I sometimes struggle with those. For instance, my latest passion of becoming a runner - I have enjoyed the results for the past year but have hit a slump. There are three things lately that made me have to talk myself out of quitting, one of which is a little embarrassing so I will begin with that one.

Embarrassing Detractor #1 Runners Trots
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After I started experiencing this issue, mind you a year into jogging, I researched why it was happening and learned that it is called "Runners Trots". I was getting really upset about having these issues where my bowels just to empty without little warning, well, okay it gave me warning but I thought I WAS in control. Turns out my body has decided to let me know under no certain terms IT is control and gives a whole new meaning to me of the saying, "Listen to your body". I was both horrified and relieved to see that there is a term for it and that other runners experience this.

I was getting so frustrated that I was thinking I am either going to have to give up running or invest in depends for running, neither of which made me happy. This issue has really taken the joy out of jogging for me so I did a lot of research on possible causes and evaluated when it happened to me.

  1. I realized this only happened to me on my morning runs, which happens to be my favorite runs. I do not have this issue when running at night or at my lunch break. Even if I relieve myself prior to running as suggested, start running and "trot".
  2. Research suggested to not drink caffeine prior to run - I usually have caffeine Kroger version of  crystal light in my water that I run with and I drink Diet Coke as my "morning coffee".  So I stopped drinking diet coke until after my run and just drink water during the run - this is working so far in conjunction with number three.
  3. I noticed I get the first signs during the 1st mile (even if I'm warming up walking) so I have been only going out 1/2 mile and coming back (get in a mile) to the bathroom and relieve myself. So far two morning runs "trot free"
  4. I have also tried to stop running when I feel the pang and stand still until the feeling passes - this is not 100% proven method.
Should you experience any issues Coach Debbie gave some tips to help with this as well.

Detractor #2 Injury

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A month or so ago I did something to my hip/upper thigh area. I think I hurt it doing sprint runs or maybe the old running shoes. I didn't run for about a week which killed me, and I could just feel myself gaining weight and feeling sorry for myself - ready to throw in the towel. I mean really, I just started running a year SMH! So once again I turned to google - and I think I am slowly but surely recovering but I have refused to stop running - I have slowed down and cut back - the scale is telling me about it too (not that I am not over eating or anything) 

  1. Stretching more after a run
  2. Reduced mileage and pace
  3. Going to add strength training (struggling with this one)
There are lots of reading out there on how to prevent injuries Prevention & Womens Running

Dectractor #3 Motivation

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This time last  year I embarked on running quest - I was working out two  hours a day - clocking 6 miles a day (3 walking and 3 jogging) and I started losing weight - being able to wear my clothes comfortably - people noticing and commenting. Then I started feeling tired, like maybe I was over
 training - and to be honest I got tired of doing 2 hours a day - and then I eating badly again and start giving myself excuses. Now I did find a trail  to run during lunch  but reduced my mileage to 3 a day except on Sunday when I do the seven miles on the Greenway.

It just seemed or seems that the universe is against my new found passion of  running and I stopped losing weight and now have gained some back :( 

But I am not defeated yet, Really, I can do whatever I set my head. Stay Tuned on my progress. Anything you are battling? How do you stay on course?


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