Pick Me Ups - Kitchen Dreams

Okay, I know I have gone on and on about my financial fails BUT sometimes, it doesn't hurt to spend a little money especially if they are adding on to your investment of your home, right? I do  still have 25% of my income tax money left that I have been holding on to for dear life. For Valentines, my birthday and Christmas, Mr Man bought me a new kitchen faucet and I bought some new hardware for my - I got my bar pulls and cup pulls and I think they added much needed life back into my kitchen.

Here is the faucet I got at Home Depot - I love the industrial look and it has a magnet that holds it in place - that magnet has been so fun to play with and it definitely appeals to my novelty side - I had to get one with the soap dispense and since I am a lefty, any hand washing is done on the left side but I just pump into my hand and then into the left sink. I really appreciate the dispense when I have to wash my hands, very convenient.  I also like how the knob looks like a wrench - I giggle with joy - is that not the coolest thing

here is the before and because I am terrible about getting before pictures - I could only find the one I took before the back splash was put in but same faucet - boring, no?   I must say looking at this before the backsplash and pendant lights- WOW - I am so pleased

You can also see the old knobs - I found a good deal on these knobs  at Home Depot they are a great price and look really nice in person and these pulls cups they were a little more but I only needed four.

I also got this broom hanger that I really love to get my broom, mops, etc in a neat place instead of thrown in a corner behind my trash can

I still have dreams of putting in some french doors in my "dining area" in place of these two windows

One day I will replace that paneling with dry wall - in the meantime, I have been thinking about painting it or putting up some of that wood looking wall paper not sure why, but I am wanting a teal kitchen (totally out of my comfort zone)

My back splash has brown and I have splashes of red, my inspirations are these

I found Behr's colors below

Jade Dragon and Rise and Shine

Behr has a cool preview website where you can upload your own picture to see how the colors will look together or use one of their rooms

Really, you can both save money and improve your environment - or you can also just have fun planning and dreaming - really, you can! What  are your kitchen dreams?


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