Consumed - Running

It seems that my thoughts lately are consumed by four topics: running, decorating/renovating, my weight, and money. Interesting that clothes used to my in thoughts and they are not completely gone but I am more interested in running clothes, so I put that in the running category. We will talk about my running in this post and the other categories in the next posts.

I am almost obsessed with running clothes - as  a matter of fact I think I might change my style and wear them exclusively on the weekends :)

I really love the running capris - my favorites are these - I really like the compression. I have also discovered that I really appreciate the moisture-wicking. I am also drawn to tshirts and tanks that have sayings referencing running - I guess I want the world to know that I am a runner. HA!

I have also discovered sports bras - so far I have two -this one from Old Navy and this one from JCP - I really love the Xersion brand of clothing - I went running yesterday and I had overdressed - I had a tshirt on over my new sports bra - but it felt so heavy on my shoulders and I was hot so in the second mile run, I took it off to run. I am not going to lie, I was extremely self conscious at first - but if you have never run in a sports bra - it feels  amazing - the wind hitting your skin - it was exhilarating - so much so that I didn't care anymore if I had the "right" body to wear this in public. My fairy tattoo was also visible - sooo I am an old wild child <shrug shoulders>

I'll definitely be purchasing more sports bras - I also have to get some running shorts - now the thing I struggle with is that  most of them look like postage stamps - I prefer a little more coverage - JCP has a good selection of running shorts - I like these and want to get different colors - so far I have the black and gray, thee only issue is that I went ahead and got the large and they are loose and I felt my inner thighs rubbings/chaffing when I ran in them. I also really like compression shorts, the side pockets are hard to find.

The whole time I am obsessing about running clothes and house, I am binge eating, tired and beginning to think perhaps I'm so tired because of the crap I'm feeding my body, and cursing the scale. Each day telling myself I am not going to repeat this behavior and how I need to add strength training to my work out regime - but I only seem to want to run/walk - especially now that weather is trying to give some hints of spring and it's daylight longer so I can now run in the nearby neighborhood - which I love. I wish I could do some night running - there is something about it that makes me feel so free.

Do you have a new hobby that consumes you?


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